Kayan company offers a wide range of equipment, on the base of this equipment you can create your own tea production of any degree of complexity and productivity - from the separate operations to express full cycle lines.Our machines are distinguished by high quality packaging and packing, ease of installation and ease of operation, reliability and durability of work, allow you to use a wide range of raw materials and items. Particular attention is paid to the saving of taste and nutritional properties of tea, as well as the safety and environmental friendliness of the final product. The fleet of equipment we offer is formed on the basis of two manufacturers of machines that have a high reputation in the global food industry - Italian company ACMA and Asian Tecpacking. Our equipment stock was created on the basis of machines of two manufacturers that have a high reputation in the global food industry - Italian company ACMA and Asian Tecpacking.

чай и чайные пакетики
Tecpacking is one of the leading manufacturer of packing equipment more than ten years.It has a range of machines for packaging tea in a classic rectangular tea bags with label and without it, with further individual packing of tea bags in envelopes and packing of the finished items in boxes. But the main activity area of the Tecpacking is pre-packing tea into the pyramid shape tea bags. The company offers several models with great productivity, which allows you to change the size of the pyramid and the weight of a portion of the filler smoothly. Vertical structure is common for all Tecpacking machines, which helps to place equipment and save production space compactly. The machines have low power consumption and a high productivity, so you can reduce electricity costs. Power of any of the models does not exceed one kilowatt.

ACMA packaging lines are well known all over the world. The companies business is focused on the production of multifunctional equipment. Each ACMA machine is a multi-stage production complex for continuous packing and packaging. As a result, you get the finished product ready for sale. The process includes pre-packing in one or two-chamber bags, attaching a string with a label, packing in an individual envelope and laying in a cardboard box.

ферментация чайных листьев

Some models of ACMA machines are supplemented with equipment for flavoring raw materials. The sizes of a pre-packing bag and packing, and also a tea dosage vary by settings of the car. Despite the considerable productive capacity and functionality, the line management is organized simply and doesn’t require long training. Besides, ACMA equipment is distinguished by high reliability at high speeds.

We are authorized ACMA and Tecpacking dealer. We guarantee on-time delivery and service support, supplying equipment to our partners. Besides, we can help with installation and configuration of equipment, staff training and purchasing of necessary parts.