Special services

особые условия

The goal of Kayan’s work is to provide our partners with the necessary technical and raw material resources for organizing and developing profitable tea business. The equipment we offer meets modern industrial trends and provides a full cycle of tea production. The regularly supplied assortment of tea sorts is based on an analysis of the consumer market and includes the most spread and popular types of tea. Besides, we offer a number of special conditions that will help you form the tea business, taking into account your own needs and preferences.

Purchase by order

закупка под заказ

If you want to buy tea that is not in our standard assortment, we will develop individual conditions and take a special order.

This can be direct delivery from African countries (Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda), from Argentina, Indonesia or Iran.

чайный лист

We can supply elite varieties of tea:

  1. DZHILING (first collection), Assam (second collection) from India
  2. Nuwara Eliya from Sri Lanka
  3. Elite tea from China

We will deliver your order to the Russian Federation, even if you only need a few bags of tea.

Brand Packing

фасовка под бренд

Our company offer following individual services for production of finished tea products:

  1. Choose the right tea for your brand.
  2. Make a blend
  3. Prepack tea under your trade mark (Manufacturer countries – India, Shri-Lanca, Kenya). It can be loose tea with packaging from 50 grams to 1 kilogram or it can be packaged for a single using.