Thread for tea bags production

нить для производства чайных пакетиков

Kayan supplies a thread for the manufacture of tea bags produced by the Israeli company K.I.T. Tex International Ltd. Products by K.I.T. Tex International Ltd are well known in the world market for theirs high quality.

All the production is developed and tested in а close contact with manufacturers of packing equipment and in accordance with their recommendations. That is the reason why our threads are compatible with any tea bags production machines such as: IMA, Teepack, TeaMac, Fuso, и др. Thread with the necessary parameters corresponds every type of machines.

Excellent product quality caused by careful control of all stages of the creation of the thread. The production process is organized with conditions of maximum sterility and in compliance with all hygienic norms and rules. The raw materials are certified and tested for the absence of hazardous substances. The threads were researched by accredited independent laboratories, including the Israeli Institute of Standardization, Institute of Food Microbiology, and comply with European state quality standards.

чайный лист

Products of K.I.T Tex International Ltd are researched and approved for using in the tea industry by various international authorized organizations. Relevant certificates are following.

Thread nomenclature

  1. Thread for equipment HST
  2. Thread for equipment MAISA
  3. Thread for equipment IMA
  4. Thread for equipment TEAMAC
  5. Thread for equipment PERFECTA
  6. Thread for equipment TECNO MECCANICA